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Nov 12, 2020 | Jan Ballantyne | 2000 views
On Ice Protocols and Covid protocols update
Over the past few weeks, we have been fortunate to be able to be on the ice, and begin to play some intersquad games, providing some sense of normalcy during these otherwise extraordinary times. 

On-Ice Activities
Direction from the OWHA guides everything that we do at this point, and in order to ensure that we are able to continue with on-ice activities, we are bound to follow all of their expectations and protocols.

One area in particular, physical contact between participants, is very clear 
in the OWHA’s communication to organizations. From OWHA memo, September 2020:

The Government Laws state, “Team sports may only be practiced or played within the facility if they do not allow for physical contact between players or if they have been modified to avoid physical contact between the players.” It is important to recognize that the Ontario Government has permitted competition with the express understanding that rules have been modified to eliminate intentional physical contact. Playing the game of hockey without intentional physical contact represents a significant shift from traditional hockey and, as such, it is the equal and collective responsibility of all participants (players, team staff, officials) to create and adhere to the gameplay structure that eliminates intentional physical contact.

Intentional physical contact is not permitted and must be avoided.

O Accidental/incidental contact may occur

O No body checking. All body checking will be strictly penalized

In order to ensure that no participants are putting our ability to participate in on-ice activities in jeopardy, it is important that all players understand the need to be in control of their bodies, and take responsibility for any
actions that do not meet the standard set by OWHA.

Players who initiate contact with others during drills, scrimmages, or other game situations may be asked to leave the ice by coaches in order to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all.

COVID Screening and Arena Protocols

Additionally, there have been some concerns raised about spectators, and ensuring that every individual in the facilities that we are using have been Covid-screened and are safe to be there.

All players and spectators must be recorded on the Covid screening form that is submitted for each practice session. It is critical that every person connected with a particular cohort be included on the form, to ensure accurate contact tracing information. Players are to arrive and enter the arena no earlier than 15 minutes before their scheduled start time. We ask that spectators please refrain from attending any practice after it has commenced, as the screeners are often also on-ice staff.

A reminder that wherever possible, we need to limit the number of spectators in the facilities, and there should be no more than 1 adult spectator per participant for each session. We ask that, wherever possible, siblings and
other family members please refrain from attending practices at this time. By limiting the number of spectators, we ensure that we have the necessary capacity for players, coaches and other on-ice participants.

Arena Protocols

A reminder of the following City of Stratford protocols:

Participants are strongly encouraged to arrive fully dressed except for skates, helmet and gloves.

All participants are to arrive with no more than 1 parent or guardian to assist the player.

Coaches & players are to arrive at the arena no more than 15 minutes before their ice time.

All participants are to vacate the dressing room no later than 15 minutes after the game or practice.

Enter through the lobby; vacate the facility through the side exits (do not reenter the lobby to exit the facility)

We are counting on all players, coaches, and parents to support and reinforce these expectations, so that we continue to have an opportunity to practice and meet together as a cohort for on-ice activities.


Stratford Aces Covid Response Team

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