Aces Online Awards Banquet Day 3, News (Stratford Aces Girls Hockey)

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Apr 01, 2020 | Jan Ballantyne | 1522 views
Aces Online Awards Banquet Day 3
Atom C's
First, I'd like to say what a pleasure it was coaching this amazing group of girls that formed our 2019/2020 Aces Atom C team. As a brand new team with many, (new to the game) players, the onset of the season was congruent to simply getting into our flow and helping the girls get their skills up. As time progressed our girls showed they wanted to learn, wanted to get better, and worked really truly hard to obtain that. We went on several winning streaks, won some clinch games, and tournament games by sheer deteremtination and will to win. Bonds were formed, friendships made, and a new Aces family created. I can't say enough about this amazing group of girls and parents. This was truly one of my most memorable years in coaching, ever.

I would like acknowledge many people that helped make this season so spectacular. Without you, it truly would not have been possible, nor run as smoothly as it did. First, to my coaching staff: Thank you to my assistants Toby Phillips, and Brett Lerch. You both helped so much in a magnitude of ways, and were there from start to finish, always. Thank you! Thank you to Jaime Gethke for being there when able to and providing knowledge of the league, and overall willingness to help anytime. Thank you! Thank you to Laura Pethick our team manager that did so much behind the scenes to ensure the scores were inputted, and always making sure important items were being checked off the list. Thank you! Thank you to our incredible training staff Crystal Turner, Corrie Lerch, Brett Lynn Gethke, and Cherrie Gethke for everything you did in the room to help our girls. You guys were honestly unreal! Thank you!
Although this season ended abruptly and without completion, we have so much to celebrate as a team. Congratulations to ALL of our Aces Atom C girls for putting in the work, and enjoying the many moments of celebration as a team as a result of such. What an honour it was to coach this incredible group. We're all excited to see what next year will bring. Until then, GO ACES GO!!!

Atom C Award Winners:
Best Sport: Selina Gethke
Most Improved: Claire Turner
Best Defensive: Leighton Whetstone
Best Offensive: Hallie Turpin
Ace of the Team: Mira Broughton