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Aces Scholarship - now accepting applications

The Aces organization in partnership with Taylor Fluid Systems is proud to start
accepting submissions for the 2023/2024 Stratford Aces Scholarships. There are
three (3) educational scholarships available, each worth $1500. These one-time
scholarships can be put towards any post-secondary institute that the recipient

The Aces and Taylor Fluids see this as a great opportunity to recognize and
support players that have dedicated their time, hard work and passion to the
game of hockey as Aces.

Essay/Eligibility Checklist
● Must be graduating out of the Aces program with a minimum of three (3)
years as a registered player in the association.

● Must be accepted to a post-secondary program.

● Players graduating out of the Aces program and planning to return for
another year of high school prior to post -secondary studies may also

● Must complete an essay (1500-word maximum) and submit by the

● Essays will be evaluated on their content relevant to the guiding questions
shared below:

1. Introduction to who they are, how long they have played,
where they want/plan to go to school and why?

2. How has being an Ace inspired you and what is your BEST

3. How has being an Ace assisted in your development as a
hockey player, citizen and student?

4. Using the words from the dressing rooms, which one (or ones)
stands out to describe your experience as an Ace and why?

5. If you were to offer advice to a young girl who is thinking
about becoming an Ace, what advice would you give to ensure
her success?

● Must include one reference from the association that addresses position
and contribution within the association and why they believe you are a
suitable candidate for the scholarship.

Completed essays are to be submitted to [email protected].
Be sure to include your reference letter along with your essay.

Essay submission deadline: Friday, April 5th at 11:59pm (midnight)

The essays will be evaluated by three (3) independent individuals that have no
connections or affiliations with any of our four (4) U18 teams. Evaluators will use
the rubric shared here to grade each essay.

Best of luck to all the players that submit for the opportunity to be awarded a
scholarship. A special thank-you to Chris Taylor and Taylor Fluid Systems for
their support of this amazing initiative.

Questions: [email protected]

Essay submission deadline: Friday, April 5th at 11:59pm (midnight)