Aces Scholarship Essay Rubric (Stratford Aces Girls Hockey)

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Submission Checklist

Applicant # _________


Criteria                                                                        Check ✔

Graduating out of the Aces program


Accepted to a post-secondary educational program and List Programs


Played for Aces program for minimum 3 years


Submitted 1500 word max essay


Provided on Reference from within association



Essay Review

Criteria                                                                        Scale 0-5 (see scaling rubric below)


Includes introduction to who they are, how long they have played, where they want to go etc


How has being an Ace Inspired you?





How has being an Ace assisted in your development as a hockey player, citizen and student?



Using the words from the dressing rooms, which one (or ones) stands out to describe your experience as an Ace and why?





If you were to offer advice to a young girl who is thinking about becoming an Ace, what advice would you give to ensure her success?









Scaling Rubric


Missed the detail completely


Somewhat addressed the detail


Addressed the detail


Addressed the detail well


Addressed the detail well with examples


Addressed the detail well with examples, and excellent spelling and grammar


Additional thoughts: