Schedule & Results, Stratford Aces Festival Cup Challenge Tournament, 2018-2019 (Stratford Aces Girls Hockey)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, November 16, 2018
NCNC28:45 AMBlue Woodstock Wildcats 68512-1Ilderton Jets 7240
ACAC19:00 AMRock Huron Heat 36534-0Ilderton Jets 7241
ACAC39:00 AMAllman Stratford Aces 36000-0Waterloo Ravens 1178
NBNB19:00 AMMilv Huron Heat 36504-1Twin Centre Hericanes 7505
NBNB39:00 AMRBC Cambridge Roadrunners 22271-3Stratford Aces 3617
NCNC19:00 AMDuff Stratford Aces 36030-8Wilmot Wolverines 4610
NBNB29:15 AMMolson Brampton Canadettes 2410-8Orangeville Tigers 3149
ACAC29:45 AMBlue West Oxford Inferno 29107-0Sarnia Lady Sting 3352
ABAB110:00 AMRock Lambeth Lancers 60013-3Bluewater Hawks 5170
ABAB210:00 AMAllman St Thomas Panthers 68021-3North York Storm 3001
ABAB310:00 AMDuff Twin Centre Hericanes 75030-3Sarnia Lady Sting 3356
ACAC410:00 AMMilv Upper Maitland Mustangs 86803-4Mitchell Meteors 7261
PBPB110:00 AMRBC Walkerton Capitals 88872-0Mitchell Meteors 7264
PBPB210:15 AMMolson Twin Centre Hericanes 75021-1Ilderton Jets 7242
AAAA210:45 AMBlue St Thomas Panthers 68053-2London Devilettes 628
AAAA111:00 AMRBC Stratford Aces 36045-2Ilderton Jets 7245
AAAA311:00 AMMilv Woolwich Wild 71071-2Huron Heat 3652
BCBC111:00 AMAllman Lambeth Lancers 60104-0Woodstock Wildcats 6881
PCPC111:00 AMRock Kent County Fillies 81505-7South Huron Sabres 5625
PCPC211:00 AMDuff Saugeen Shores Storm 88146-1St Marys Rock 7586
PCPC311:15 AMMolson Mitchell Meteors 72670-1Stratford Aces 3601
BBBB111:45 AMBlue St Marys Rock 75802-2Lambeth Lancers 6003
BABA112:00 PMRBC Saugeen Maitland Lightning 88351-1Stratford Aces 3609
BABA312:00 PMRock Woolwich Wild 71043-1Bluewater Hawks 5168
BBBB212:00 PMMilv Twin Centre Hericanes 75010-1Wilmot Wolverines 4611
BBBBBB112:00 PMDuff Walkerton Capitals 88860-0Bluewater Hawks 5163
BCBC212:00 PMAllman St Marys Rock 75836-0Lucan Irish 6052
BABA212:15 PMMolson Guelph Jr Gryphons 44770-5Ancaster Avalanche 5059
MBMB212:45 PMBlue Belmont Blazers 51431-1Bluewater Hawks 5177
BBBB31:00 PMDuff Bluewater Hawks 51740-1Woolwich Wild 7106
BBBBBB21:00 PMAllman Lambton Attack 42070-2Stratford Aces 3616
MAMA21:00 PMRBC Stratford Aces 36110-2North York Storm 3032
MBMB11:00 PMRock Lambeth Lancers 60051-2Stratford Aces 3612
NCNC31:00 PMMilv Stratford Aces 36031-3Mitchell Meteors 7260
MAMA11:15 PMMolson Brampton Canadettes 2652-1Bluewater Hawks 5164
MBMB31:45 PMBlue Norfolk Hericanes 69041-2Lucan Irish 6055
ABAB42:00 PMRock Bluewater Hawks 51705-0Mooretown Lady Flags 1910
MBMB42:00 PMMilv Twin Centre Hericanes 75044-1Anaster Avalanche 5050
NBNB42:00 PMDuff Orangeville Tigers 31495-0Huron Heat 3650
NBNB62:00 PMAllman Cambridge Roadrunners 22274-3Brampton Canadettes 241
NCNC42:00 PMRBC Wilmot Wolverines 46103-3Woodstock Wildcats 6851
ACAC62:15 PMMolson Stratford Aces 36002-0Huron Heat 3653
NBNB52:45 PMBlue Stratford Aces 36173-0Twin Centre Hericanes 7505
ABAB53:00 PMRock Sarnia Lady Sting 33565-0Lambeth Lancers 6001
ACAC53:00 PMRBC Waterloo Ravens 11781-1Ilderton Jets 7241
ACAC73:00 PMDuff Sarnia Lady Sting 33521-5Upper Maitland Mustangs 8680
ACAC83:00 PMMilv Mitchell Meteors 72615-2West Oxford Inferno 2910
PCPC43:00 PMAllman South Huron Sabres 56251-11Lambton Attack 4203
ABAB63:15 PMMolson Twin Centre Hericanes 75031-4North York Storm 3001
PBPB43:45 PMBlue Mitchell Meteors 72644-2Ilderton Jets 7242
AAAA44:00 PMDuff St Thomas Panthers 68053-0Stratford Aces 3604
AAAA54:00 PMRock Huron Heat 36524-0Ilderton Jets 7245
BBBBBB34:00 PMAllman Walkerton Capitals 88865-1North York Storm 3026
PBPB34:00 PMMilv Twin Centre Hericanes 75020-8Walkerton Capitals 8887
PCPC64:00 PMRBC Mitchell Meteors 72673-1St Marys Rock 7586
AAAA64:15 PMMolson London Devilettes 6280-2Woolwich Wild 7107
BCBC44:45 PMBlue Woodstock Wildcats 68813-3Lucan Irish 6052
BABA65:00 PMMilv Woolwich Wild 71040-0Guelph Jr Gryphons 4477
BBBB45:00 PMRBC Wilmot Wolverines 46110-1St Marys Rock 7580
BCBC35:00 PMRock St Marys Rock 75832-2Lambeth Lancers 6010
MBMB55:00 PMDuff Lambton Attack 42080-3Belmont Blazers 5143
PCPC55:00 PMAllman Stratford Aces 36012-0Kent County Fillies 8150
NCNC55:15 PMMolson Ilderton Jets 72403-5Mitchell Meteors 7260
BBBB55:45 PMBlue Lambeth Lancers 60031-1Bluewater Hawks 5174
BABA46:00 PMRock Ancaster Avalanche 50591-0Saugeen Maitland Lightning 8835
BABA56:00 PMRBC Bluewater Hawks 51681-1Stratford Aces 3609
BBBB66:00 PMDuff Woolwich Wild 71066-1Twin Centre Hericanes 7501
MBMB76:00 PMMilv Bluewater Hawks 51771-2Lambeth Lancers 6005
ABAB76:15 PMMolson St Thomas Panthers 68022-2Mooretown Lady Flags 1910
BBBBBB46:45 PMBlue Bluewater Hawks 51631-2Lambton Attack 4207
MAMA37:00 PMRBC Bluewater Hawks 51640-1Stratford Aces 3611
MBMB67:00 PMMilv Twin Centre Hericanes 75044-0Norfolk Hericanes 6904
PCPC77:00 PMRock Lambton Attack 42035-0Saugeen Shores Storm 8814
SRCSRC17:00 PMDuff Elma Logan Wildcats 90501-7Stratford Aces 3614
MAMA47:15 PMMolson North York Storm 30321-0Brampton Canadettes 265
BBBBBB58:00 PMRBC Stratford Aces 36166-0North York Storm 3026
MBMB98:00 PMDuff Stratford Aces 36122-0Anaster Avalanche 5050
SRBSRBB8:15 PMMolson Waterloo 11711-4Twin Centre Hericanes 7507
MBMB89:00 PMRBC Lambton Attack 42081-1Lucan Irish 6055
SRBSRBB29:00 PMDuff Sweaburg 90432-2Stratford Aces 3615
SRBSRBB39:15 PMMolson London 90900-1Clearview Ice Cats 5279
SRCSRC210:00 PMDuff Stratford Aces 36144-2Twin Centre Hericanes 7506
Saturday, November 17, 2018
AAAA78:00 AMRBC Stratford Aces 36043-5Woolwich Wild 7107
AAAA98:00 AMDuff London Devilettes 6280-4Huron Heat 3652
PCPC118:00 AMRock Lambton Attack 42032-1Mitchell Meteors 7267
PCPC98:00 AMAllman St Marys Rock 75862-2South Huron Sabres 5625
AAAA88:15 AMBlue Ilderton Jets 72450-3St Thomas Panthers 6805
PCPC108:15 AMMolson Stratford Aces 36011-0Saugeen Shores Storm 8814
ACAC119:00 AMMilv Upper Maitland Mustangs 86801-0Waterloo Ravens 1178
ACAC129:00 AMDuff Mitchell Meteors 72611-0Stratford Aces 3600
ACAC99:00 AMRock Ilderton Jets 72411-0Sarnia Lady Sting 3352
NBNB79:00 AMRBC Huron Heat 36504-2Cambridge Roadrunners 2227
NBNB99:00 AMAllman Brampton Canadettes 2410-2Stratford Aces 3617
ACAC109:15 AMBlue West Oxford Inferno 29101-3Huron Heat 3653
NCNC69:15 AMMolson Woodstock Wildcats 68518-0Stratford Aces 3603
ABAB810:00 AMRBC Lambeth Lancers 60014-0Mooretown Lady Flags 1910
MBMB1110:00 AMAllman Stratford Aces 36120-0Twin Centre Hericanes 7504
NBNB810:00 AMMilv Twin Centre Hericanes 75050-5Orangeville Tigers 3149
SRBSRBB510:00 AMRock Twin Centre Hericanes 75071-4London 9090
SRBSRBB610:00 AMDuff Clearview Ice Cats 52792-1Sweaburg 9043
ABAB910:15 AMMolson North York Storm 30010-6Bluewater Hawks 5170
SRBSRBB410:15 AMBlue Stratford Aces 36155-3Waterloo 1171
BBBB711:00 AMAllman Wilmot Wolverines 46111-2Bluewater Hawks 5174
BBBB811:00 AMDuff Woolwich Wild 71063-2Lambeth Lancers 6003
BBBB911:00 AMRock Twin Centre Hericanes 75010-1St Marys Rock 7580
BBBBBB611:00 AMRBC Lambton Attack 42072-3Walkerton Capitals 8886
SRCSRC311:00 AMMilv Twin Centre Hericanes 75062-4Elma Logan Wildcats 9050
ABAB1011:15 AMBlue Sarnia Lady Sting 33561-0St Thomas Panthers 6802
BABA811:15 AMMolson Stratford Aces 36095-0Ancaster Avalanche 5059
BABA712:00 PMMilv Saugeen Maitland Lightning 88351-1Woolwich Wild 7104
BABA912:00 PMAllman Guelph Jr Gryphons 44770-1Bluewater Hawks 5168
BCBC512:00 PMRock Lucan Irish 60520-5Lambeth Lancers 6010
MAMA512:00 PMRBC North York Storm 30322-0Bluewater Hawks 5164
PBPB512:00 PMDuff Ilderton Jets 72421-3Walkerton Capitals 8887
BCBC612:15 PMBlue Woodstock Wildcats 68811-4St Marys Rock 7583
MAMA612:15 PMMolson Brampton Canadettes 2652-0Stratford Aces 3611
NCNC71:00 PMDuff Mitchell Meteors 72600-1Wilmot Wolverines 4610
PBPB61:00 PMMilv Mitchell Meteors 72642-0Twin Centre Hericanes 7502
PCPC141:00 PMAllman Saugeen Shores Storm 88141-3Mitchell Meteors 7267
PCPC81:00 PMRock Kent County Fillies 81501-4Lambton Attack 4203
NCNC81:15 PMMolson Ilderton Jets 724011-1Stratford Aces 3603
PCPC121:15 PMBlue South Huron Sabres 56251-5Stratford Aces 3601
AAAA112:00 PMMilv Woolwich Wild 71071-1St Thomas Panthers 6805
BBBBBB72:00 PMRock North York Storm 30261-3Bluewater Hawks 5163
MBMB122:00 PMAllman Anaster Avalanche 50501-0Bluewater Hawks 5177
MBMB142:00 PMDuff Lucan Irish 60553-1Stratford Aces 3612
MBMB102:15 PMMolson Norfolk Hericanes 69041-1Lambton Attack 4208
MBMB132:15 PMBlue Belmont Blazers 51431-1Lambeth Lancers 6005
AAAA123:00 PMRBC Ilderton Jets 72455-0London Devilettes 628
ABAB113:00 PMRock Mooretown Lady Flags 19104-0Twin Centre Hericanes 7503
BBBBBB83:00 PMMilv Stratford Aces 36160-0Walkerton Capitals 8886
SRBSRBB83:00 PMAllman Stratford Aces 36157-2Twin Centre Hericanes 7507
SRCSRC43:00 PMDuff Elma Logan Wildcats 90502-9Stratford Aces 3614
SRBSRBB73:15 PMBlue Waterloo 11713-3Clearview Ice Cats 5279
SRBSRBB93:15 PMMolson Sweaburg 90432-3London 9090
AAAA104:00 PMRock Huron Heat 36520-4Stratford Aces 3604
ACAC134:00 PMRBC Ilderton Jets 72411-3Mitchell Meteors 7261
ACAC154:00 PMMilv Sarnia Lady Sting 33521-6Stratford Aces 3600
ACAC164:00 PMAllman Waterloo Ravens 11784-3West Oxford Inferno 2910
NBNB114:00 PMDuff Orangeville Tigers 31491-1Cambridge Roadrunners 2227
ACAC144:15 PMMolson Huron Heat 36530-0Upper Maitland Mustangs 8680
NBNB104:15 PMBlue Stratford Aces 36170-4Huron Heat 3650
ABAB125:00 PMAllman Bluewater Hawks 51702-1Sarnia Lady Sting 3356
ABAB135:00 PMDuff North York Storm 30013-5Lambeth Lancers 6001
NBNB125:00 PMRock Twin Centre Hericanes 75051-4Brampton Canadettes 241
NCNC105:00 PMMilv Wilmot Wolverines 46103-1Ilderton Jets 7240
NCNC95:00 PMRBC Mitchell Meteors 72602-2Woodstock Wildcats 6851
BBBB105:15 PMBlue St Marys Rock 75801-1Woolwich Wild 7106
PCPC135:15 PMMolson St Marys Rock 75862-1Kent County Fillies 8150
BABA106:00 PMMilv Bluewater Hawks 51680-3Saugeen Maitland Lightning 8835
BABA126:00 PMRBC Stratford Aces 36091-1Guelph Jr Gryphons 4477
BBBB116:00 PMRock Lambeth Lancers 60033-0Wilmot Wolverines 4611
BCBC76:00 PMAllman Lucan Irish 60522-1Lambeth Lancers 6010
SRCSRC56:00 PMDuff Stratford Aces 36143-1Twin Centre Hericanes 7506
BABA116:15 PMMolson Ancaster Avalanche 50592-2Woolwich Wild 7104
BBBB126:15 PMBlue Bluewater Hawks 51743-2Twin Centre Hericanes 7501
ABAB147:00 PMAllman St Thomas Panthers 68023-0Twin Centre Hericanes 7503
BCBC87:00 PMDuff Woodstock Wildcats 68810-6St Marys Rock 7583
EliminatioMA77:00 PMRBC Bluewater Hawks 51641-2North York Storm 3032
PBPB77:00 PMRock Twin Centre Hericanes 75020-3Walkerton Capitals 8887
EliminatioMA87:15 PMMolson Stratford Aces 36110-2Brampton Canadettes 265
PBPB87:15 PMBlue Ilderton Jets 72423-2Mitchell Meteors 7264
BBBBBB108:00 PMRBC Bluewater Hawks 51630-4Stratford Aces 3616
MBMB158:00 PMRock Bluewater Hawks 51771-1Lambton Attack 4208
MBMB178:00 PMDuff Lambeth Lancers 60052-1Norfolk Hericanes 6904
MBMB188:00 PMAllman Anaster Avalanche 50500-4Belmont Blazers 5143
BBBBBB98:15 PMMolson North York Storm 30261-5Lambton Attack 4207
MBMB168:15 PMBlue Lucan Irish 60550-4Twin Centre Hericanes 7504
SRBSRBB109:00 PMAllman London 90902-2Waterloo 1171
SRBSRBB119:00 PMRBC Clearview Ice Cats 52792-5Stratford Aces 3615
SRBSRBB129:00 PMDuff Twin Centre Hericanes 75071-1Sweaburg 9043
SRCSRC69:15 PMMolson Twin Centre Hericanes 75064-1Elma Logan Wildcats 9050
Sunday, November 18, 2018
ABAB158:00 AMAllman North York Storm 30010-6Bluewater Hawks 5170
ABAB168:00 AMDuff Lambeth Lancers 60012-1Sarnia Lady Sting 3356
ACAC178:00 AMRock Upper Maitland Mustangs 86801-4Mitchell Meteors 7261
NBNB138:00 AMRBC Cambridge Roadrunners 22275-9Orangeville Tigers 3149
ACAC188:15 AMBlue Huron Heat 36531-2Stratford Aces 3600
NBNB148:15 AMMolson Stratford Aces 36170-3Huron Heat 3650
AAAA139:10 AMRBC Stratford Aces 36041-2St Thomas Panthers 6805
BBBB139:10 AMAllman Lambeth Lancers 60031-2Woolwich Wild 7106
BBBB149:10 AMDuff Bluewater Hawks 51740-6St Marys Rock 7580
PCPC159:10 AMRock St Marys Rock 75860-2Stratford Aces 3601
AAAA149:25 AMMolson Woolwich Wild 71072-1Huron Heat 3652
PCPC169:25 AMBlue Mitchell Meteors 72671-2Lambton Attack 4203
BABA1310:20 AMRBC Saugeen Maitland Lightning 88352-1Ancaster Avalanche 5059
MBMB1910:20 AMAllman Lambeth Lancers 60050-2Twin Centre Hericanes 7504
MBMB2010:20 AMDuff Stratford Aces 36122-5Belmont Blazers 5143
SRSRBB1310:20 AMRock Twin Centre Hericanes 75073-1Stratford Aces 3615
SRSRBB1410:35 AMBlue London 90902-1Clearview Ice Cats 5279
BABA1411:30 AMRBC Woolwich Wild 71043-1Stratford Aces 3609
NCNC1011:30 AMDuff Woodstock Wildcats 68511-2Wilmot Wolverines 4610
PBPB911:30 AMAllman Ilderton Jets 72421-5Walkerton Capitals 8887
EliminatioMA912:40 PMRBC Brampton Canadettes 2653-2North York Storm 3032
NBNB1512:40 PMAllman Huron Heat 36501-5Orangeville Tigers 3149
EliminatioSRC712:40 PMDuff Elma Logan Wildcats 90501-3Twin Centre Hericanes 7506
BCBC912:55 PMMolson Lucan Irish 60522-3St Marys Rock 7583
ABAB171:50 PMAllman Lambeth Lancers 60010-6Bluewater Hawks 5170
BBBBBB111:50 PMRBC Walkerton Capitals 88860-2Stratford Aces 3616
PCPC171:50 PMDuff Lambton Attack 42031-3Stratford Aces 3601
ACAC192:05 PMMolson Stratford Aces 36001-2Mitchell Meteors 7261
AAAA153:00 PMRBC Woolwich Wild 71071-2St Thomas Panthers 6805
BBBB153:00 PMAllman St Marys Rock 75800-1Woolwich Wild 7106
SRSRBB153:00 PMDuff London 90900-2Twin Centre Hericanes 7507
MBMB213:15 PMMolson Belmont Blazers 51430-1Twin Centre Hericanes 7504
BABA154:10 PMRBC Saugeen Maitland Lightning 88351-2Woolwich Wild 7104
EliminatioSRC84:10 PMAllman Twin Centre Hericanes 75061-7Stratford Aces 3614
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