Gender Expression (Stratford Aces Girls Hockey)

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Gender Identify and Expression

The Gender Identity and Expression course must be completed by each bench staff member that is approved on team roster. This is a ONE TIME course to complete.  There is no charge for this training.

The course is completed in 2 (45 minute) modules but you can complete the material in stages if you cannot complete it all at once.

Follow steps below to signup for and complete the course material.

Step 1: Clinic Signup

a)   Login to eHockey website.  If you have an existing eHockey account, use that, otherwise, create a new account.

b)   Be sure you are listed as a participant on the account. 

c)   Click “Signup for a Clinic” in the Navigation bar near the top of the page.

d)   Select yourself as the participant to register.

e)   In the Search area under Type, Select Gender Identity and Expression Course.

f)     Choose Signup to the right of the course entry.  You will then complete the registration by completing the checkout process. There is no cost but you must complete the checkout process to successfully register for the clinic.

Step 2: Complete the Course Content

a)   After you successfully register for the course, you will receive an email with a link to complete the course content.  Use that link and login with the same account you used for the eHockey (registration) site. 

b)   Complete both modules of the course.  Make sure you go all the way to the end of the course material. You do not receive a completion certificate.

You can check your eHockey profile to confirm the certification was added successfully when completed and is marked as completed by logging into the eHockey site and viewing your profile under the certifications section.

You will need to send a copy of your profile to the Secretary of the Aces Organization as proof of completion.